By: Christopher Paolini
Inheritance Cycle Book 1
Subject Matter: Fantasy; Dragons
Rating: 5/5

Eragon book cover

Eragon is another one of my absolute favorites.

I distinctly remember reading this one for the first time. I was in 7th grade, and I absolutely loved it, so one of my friends let me borrow his copy of the second book in the series, which was all that was out at the time. I wanted more, but by the time the 3rd book finally came out, I had pretty much forgotten everything that happens in the first two. So I’ve reread the first one in hopes of finally finishing the series a couple of times, but I’ve never made it to the second one again.

I’m not sure why. Because this book is a winner. It’s got everything: dragons, teenage angst, epic battles, dwarves, elves, swords, mysteries, magic, education, a sob story.

I love a good fantasy novel, especially one that can take you to a whole nother world, in this case, the land of Alagaesia. Paolini invents multiple languages and a vast landmass with varying topographies. Here’s an interesting tidbit: the author was only 16 when this book was published.

Which is also probably one of its flaws. It relies very heavily on the SciFi tropes, and the main character, the eponymous Eragon, is a very self-centered, unworldly young man. Not to say that this is what Paolini is; in fact, it may be a tribute to his ability that he is able to so fully understand the lack of perspective that a young boy in Eragon’s position would possess.

It’s a great story. It’s fast-paced, full of action without being overwhelmingly action, and super intriguing. It’s a last-of-a-kind type of story, which is fascinating to me.

This book is great for all SciFi fans, especially those who are into epic fantasies, like the Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, or other books like that. But it’s also much easier than those books in that you don’t really have to invest in the histories of the different species to appreciate it.

It’s quick, easy, fun, intriguing, fantastical, and well-written. So I definitely recommend it. Go ahead and see what you think.

(Also, I’ve heard things about the movie, but never seen it. So please don’t judge it based off of the movie.)




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