Split Ends

By: Kristin Billerbeck
Subject Matter: Hairdressing
Rating: 1.5/5


Split Ends book cover


Split Ends wasn’t very good.

My first indication that I wasn’t going to like this one was when a major character, Scott, was introduced as Scott Weston about forty pages in, and then, oh I don’t know, about a chapter or two later magically became Scott Baker for the rest of the book.

Excuse me?

I know it may sound like a petty thing, but to me, this screams cheap writing. How much can an author (or an editor or publisher or whoever else helped get this book to publication) really care about a novel in which they can’t even remember a character’s name? How sloppy can you get? Do you think Ernest Hemingway or Charles Dickens or, hell, even Steven King ever invested so little into a book as to accidentally change a character’s last name mid-novel? Tolstoy didn’t even do that, and his books have more characters than pages (and that’s saying something). Come on, Billerbeck.

Anyways, off my soapbox.

It just wasn’t that good. Again, I read this book really fast (less than a day), and I always expect that to make me emotionally connect really easily. But with this book? Nothing. Nada. (I mean, she falls for the guy because he was wearing a fedora when she first met him. I know that’s petty – again – but ew.)

It’s about a hairdresser from a no-good family in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming and her quest to make it in the big leagues of Hollywood. And, of course, her need to “break the family curse” and find a man…


Not my favorite book I’ve read by a long shot. But my mom read it and loved it. So, who’s to say!




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