Outer Banks

By: Anne Rivers Siddons
Rating: 2.5/5

Outer Banks

Y’all. I love the Outer Banks.

But reading a book called Outer Banks while in the Outer Banks feels a little like wearing a spring break shirt in Daytona Beach in March.

But it happened. What can you do?

To be fair, I happened to finish the book I had brought with me a little too early, and this one was stocked in the place we were staying. So it’s not my fault, I promise.

All business aside, this book pissed me off. I mean. It’s straight up called Outer Banks, right? So you would expect, what.. at least 80% of it to take place at the beach?

Well you’d be wrong.

Most of this story takes place in a sorority house on a North Carolina campus as a series of flashbacks. The book is focused on Kate Lee, a complicated Southern belle, and her three tightest friends from college. One of the friends’ parents own a house in the Outer Banks. Yep. That’s the connection.

Okay. I’m lying. They do actually go to the Outer Banks (twice) and there’s a couple of important scenes that take place there. But really. The book could’ve been called anything.

And Kate herself ends up living on a different beach, in Long Island of all places.

It’s an okay book. It’s sort of interesting at points, and Kate is a bit of a complicated character. But it’s hardly the good stuff.

I guess it’s about exactly what you’d expect of a beach book. I think maybe the only thing worse than reading this book at the Outer Banks would be reading it at a different beach, so I hesitate to use the term “beach read”. But if you decide to give it a whirl, let me know how it goes!




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