One Foot in Eden

By: Ron Rash
Subject Matter: Dams; Design and construction; Appalachian region; Southern; Real estate development; Relocation; Housing; Loss; Psychology; Mountain life
Rating: 4/5

One Foot in Eden

I don’t typically love mystery.

But One Foot in Eden isn’t your typical detective fiction.

Ron Rash is an Appalachian Studies scholar from Western Carolina University, and this book is a deep look at an Appalachian community. It’s centered around a riveting whodunnit murder case that’s only a whodunnit for so long. I remember being absolutely tickled at being wrong when Rash threw in a surprise twist, knocking me off my prideful pedestal.

The book is told in five sections, and each section is narrated by a different character. The story/stories span about 18 years, and, though intricately woven, it’s almost like reading five short stories, because each characterization and development and build stands on its own.

I’m wonderfully impressed by Rash.

He takes a look at Appalachia, at exploitation, at the value of land, at family, at love, at passion, at superstition, at history and roots, and at truth.

(I am LOLLING at the Library of Congress subject headings – which, if you didn’t know, is where I get the “subject matter” info for my reviews from. They’re technically accurate but so, so far from the true guts of this novel.)

He depicts humanity in love and in hate, in confusion and in clarity. It’s dark yet hopeful, terribly sad yet beautiful.

This book hit home locally for me, and tugged deep on my memories of the mountains I called home for about four years. It’s set in Oconee County, South Carolina, and depicts a fictional plot weaved into a very real event: the damming of the Jocassee Gorges area by Duke Power. Jocassee is a Cherokee word meaning “Place of the Lost One,” an allusion Rash carries through to the very last words of his novel.

But even if you’ve got no interest in Carolina or Appalachia (shame on you! hehe), I think you’ll enjoy Rash’s warm, heartbreaking, and natural writing style.




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