By: Elin Hilderbrand
Rating: 3/5


My grandmother let me borrow this book for some beach reading. She has a bit of a history of bestowing me with her recent reads, especially anything she thinks might appeal to my feminist undertows.

So I was shocked when I read the back of this book.

Three women – burdened with small children, unwieldy straw hats, and some obvious emotional issues – tumble onto the Nantucket airport tarmac one hot June day. … They have come to escape, enjoy the sun, and relax in the calming seaside air. But into the house, into their world, steps twenty-two-year-old Josh Flynn.


Barefoot is the definition of a beach read. Quick, comforting, and just a little bit racy.

It’s not shallow; it’s chock full of cancer, adultery, death, stress, and criminality. But it’s never ever hopeless; it’s never ever depressing; it’s never ever suffocating. Hilderbrand takes all of these complex, emotional issues and delivers engaging characters and a plot line where you’re rooting for just about everybody. (And p.s. if you’re in to Australian men, there’s a wonderful sketch of a Australian love interest in this novel that’s just waiting for you to fill in the details in your mind.)

Barefoot follows three women: two sisters and a friend. Each one is dealing with a complex personal issue, and close quarters interweave them. Interspersed is Josh Flynn’s story: a 22-year-old home from college from the summer, trying to deal with growing up. It’s a bit weird, but Hilderbrand takes it all in stride. It’s nothing particularly new or particularly life changing, but it’s a rung above most beach reads.

Hilderbrand’s writing style is easy and natural; it’s got imagery but not ceaseless pages of imagery; it’s simple but engaging.

I was a fan. It was perfect for me, in the moment. Maybe it will be perfect for you, too.




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